8 months

Sorin Dolha
2 min readSep 12
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8 months ± a few days or weeks. This seems to be the duration that my “high” feelings — see my initial post about them below — have lasted.

No, I’m not too sad that things went down — although they did so pretty abruptly, indeed (just the way they came) — for a reason or another; that’s simply how life goes sometimes.

They haven’t reached the bottom, however (actually they aren’t close to that at all), so everything is absolutely fine, overall:

While I’m an absurdist at core and I try to accept everything with peace of mind, just like Camus’s Stranger, I’m also very optimistic about life and things around it in general, so I did continue all my jobs (and “jobs”) normally: being — as much as I can — a good husband and father, a passionate programmer oriented to customers and users (and colleagues I that collaborate with, as well), and although I’m again listening to older tech podcasts sometimes, I’m keeping EDM close to my ears (playing such songs often) too.

But something was eventually lost indeed. Don’t know if temporarily — maybe all this is just a classic autumn asthenia after all? — or for good…

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Regardless, I guess, see you around, at least sometimes, again! 🙃

Update (a few days later): Well, it seems the break was partially temporary. I mean: the asthenia is gone, and I’m feeling way better again; but all experiences combine and now I feel somewhere in the middle; which, I guess, it’s absolutely great too! (Absurdism rules, haha.) 😊

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