and what I’ve learned along the way

Technically — at the time of writing — it’s been less than 3 years since I’ve boarded the Apple-oriented devs’ boat, back in May 2017, but close enough to share some thoughts, I guess. …

But it’s fine to buy one if you really, really want it.

Every device has its own target group, of course. But not all devices are properly named, and you may need to reason a bit before you join a group or another.

Apple devices are surely no exception to this rule.

For example, the M1 MacBook Air of 2020 is a…

…but there is a (not so lovely) workaround!

I have a pair of old AirPods 1, bought about three years ago. At first, I used them mostly with my iPhone and MacBook, rarely with a PC, but almost always in-house, at the desk — due to some groundless fear that I might lose them or something. 😀


(not a Clean-my app ad, nor a post about removing dust)

Since I’ve owned my first computer I’ve always struggled to keep the system files as clean as possible. Compulsive-obsessive disorder, dunno — hopefully not — but that’s the way it was, and is, for me.

With DOS — the first operating system I’ve seen — the job was easy: in…

LinkedIn, however, believes I’d rather go .NET; my InMail box is full. :-)

OK: I started with Basic, Pascal, and C/C++ in the 1990s, received honorable mention at 1994 national programming contest in high school, became engineer in 2002, while since 2001 I’m indeed a full stack .NET dev (WinForms, WPF, ASP .NET, EF, etc.), with an MCSD (2004) degree…

…but I also…

(backing items up as a story)

(one important thing to know when you’re gitting started)

We all know: people hate reading those (damn) manuals. With git, moreover, even if we try, it’s probably too (damn) difficult to grasp enough knowledge before either feeling the need to get our hands deep into it in production or, alternatively, to return to that (damn) TFS — actually TFVC

In this article, we’ll develop chart components for both macOS and iOS, boxed together as a reusable Swift Package, in just minutes. All using Xcode, SwiftUI, and a bit of enthusiasm.

As I wrote some time ago, I think anyone can build macOS utilities, and even kids can create fun macOS apps using Xcode, Swift, and some further help.

Sometimes, however, you’ll want to also develop components — essentially, software parts of apps — that you (or somebody else, if you…

with little to no artistic talent at all

Don’t worry, this is not another self improvement story. It’s just a “look what I’ve been able to do”, instead. 😀

But while it is provided as a journey log, with history, setup goals, and steps that I’ve performed to achieve them, I don’t intend it to be personal at…

Sorin Dolha

Software developer at DlhSoft • married • father of two • MacBook enthusiast • writing from Cluj

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