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Technically — at the time of writing — it’s been less than 3 years since I’ve boarded the Apple-oriented devs’ boat, back in May 2017, but close enough to share some thoughts, I guess. Not to mention that I’ve started thinking about this move (and actively learning about the platforms too) around January 2017, though.

I’ve been a Windows and Web app developer since .NET Framework’s very inception (2001), and I consider myself a programmer since like childhood. But times have changed and by the middle of the previous decade, Microsoft has started to pivot hard towards JavaScript, open source…

but my enthusiasm is…

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… lower than expected! 😐

Last month I’ve ordered a MacBook Air. M1, of course, and all hopes high.

30 days later, it has arrived. (Long time, I know, but I wanted custom goodies: 16 GB of RAM, 1 TB SSD, and silverspace as it’s named, I’m still no fan of gray — so maybe that’s OK.)

I won’t say much about the computer itself (it’s great!), nor about my setup experience (it went smooth). …

Don’t make the same mistake I’ve made!

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I was an all-in PC user since I was a kid. I became a Windows developer since MFC, and later, better, WFC and J++ till WPF and… Windows 8, oh my!

I liked Microsoft’s software ecosystem much and highly appreciated the cheaper compatible hardware market, too. Years later, my very first smart mobile device was an HTC Windows Phone, in fact!

(No, it’s not like I haven’t heard about Apple and Macintosh computers before, I’ve even been checking out Objective C programs in the printed magazines of the 90s a lot, I just didn’t care about Cupertino’s small, yet expensive…

so M1 MacBook Air still wins!

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As of the current month (March 2021), many tech reviewers seem to agree that the single most important reason you may consider in favor of buying an M1 MacBook Pro versus an Air would actually be a very small detail in the two notebooks’ specification: the screen’s maximum brightness, 500 nits Pro vs. “only” 400 Air.

(Performance difference matters only if you have huge workloads to throw to the computer often, and the +10% battery and faster charging do not count if both notebooks would otherwise last for the entire day. …

in the App Store — a (wrong?) theory of mine

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If you’re a macOS or iOS developer you know it well: Apple supports free trials for your apps only if you go with in-app purchase items, and it’s not as easy as ticking an option upon publishing builds to Store.

Of course, you’d need to setup a free IAP item for users to be able to start a trial period when running the (now required) “lite” default mode of your software, and a paid one to allow them to purchase the “pro” solution afterwards. …

and — ooh — this time I’m absolutely going Air! 😯

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I tried. I really tried to wait for the next generation of Apple Silicon Macs. But you know what? I’m tired. I cannot wait much longer.

Especially now, when it appears there won’t be a March event anymore; and even if it were, the most recent rumors indicate that new MacBooks are all postponed at least until the second half of this year. Oh my.

In fact, if they would release new models right now, I’d still want to wait at least until the first “after 3 months” reviews come up on YouTube; sometimes I do accept to become a…

I’ve said sometime ago that I — being a developer, not a professional nor passionate photographer myself — should have been fine with a simple iPhone 12 (or even my…

I must confirm they work; and separately, too!

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I’ve just read this: How Thinking with your Hands can get you Unstuck. It’s absolutely a must read.

Although not all the five points listed in the end of that story are favorite actions of mine, so I can’t confirm they all work or which one is the best, I must totally endorse this pair, however:

  1. When I write and draw diagrams, either with pen on paper or on an iPad (while the classic way is easier in most cases for me), I find solutions quickly and it’s always a pleasure to do software architecture, algorithm design (I really do…

About future (desktop) app development

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Somebody has recently said on Twitter that “there’s just not a lot of money to be made on the Mac” — discussing application development, of course. Specifically, he was trying to explain why, in his opinion, SwiftUI is less macOS-oriented than it is iOS-.

I couldn’t help replying:

With the affordable M1 and later M1X/M2, maybe this is starting to change, as people will supposedly buy more Macs, and developers will reconsider things a bit. I know myself I’d rather use a good native app instead of many of the currently available Web apps…

I was thinking about the fact…

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7 ten-word-max points I should have known or…

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Software developer at DlhSoft • husband and father of two • MacBook enthusiast • writing from Cluj

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