There’s no such thing, but we still chase it every day; and actually, it’s fine!

I know. We need to write code for people, rather than (only) for machines. And mostly, I agree.

But still, ever since I was very young and have first heard about computers and software development, I continue to chase technology perfection every day: I really want a programming language that…

can become your [intermediary] life goal!

It’s not going to be a long story, this one. It seems January 2022 is the month of short Medium pieces, in fact. But I’ve read this pair of articles today, and I really need to say something around them already:

Although English wording is a bit awkward, I was…

Great talks to listen to during long walks (if you’re into programming or another tech field and do like Apple too)

Podcasts are such as fashion now. But I’ve personally always liked them!

That is, since I’ve bought my first iPhone. (It’s not that far away, but still, some time before any of the current trends. And no, no, no, I didn’t have an iPod myself, nor a Zune device before…

Adapted into a personal tech timeline

Together with read as many books as you can, this is a great piece of advice from The Pragmatic Programmer — an all times favorite of mine that has recently turned into a nice anniversary edition too:

You should learn a programming language every year.

Checking out languages outside of…

Predicting nihilist AIs

Somebody sent me a common “Life is a miracle” picture this Christmas. I’ve (admittedly, childishly — but hopefully my cool uncle-in-law won’t mind it!) answered by pasting back a link to this video:

Discussing the subject further with both my wife and my brother in a micro-chat session the…

Sorin Dolha

Software developer at DlhSoft • married • father of two • MacBook enthusiast • writing from Cluj

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