Even beginner programmers — or UX designers! — can understand the core concept in less than ten minutes!

Recently I’ve read some papers about artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural networks, and a few related concepts too.

Still, I’ve found that although many of them stated they were written for beginners, most haven’t described what is actually defining a neural network in the first place, nor how it actually…

(types of programmers that never enter management)

Last week Medium has recommended me this post:

In short, there the author categorizes developers that never become managers into four groups:

  1. Specialists — those who continue to learn and work more and more with a single technology subset, and evolve with it;
  2. Generalists — those who learn about everything…

Sorin Dolha

Software developer at DlhSoft • married • father of two • MacBook enthusiast • writing from Cluj

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