Back to the basics

(ouch, another post about me; this is really, really the last one of the series; I hope :))

Sorin Dolha


I’ve written some time ago about the Apple Watch and its circles — how they allowed me to create very healthy habits such as walking every day and exercising more at home. I’m still thankful for that.

Recently, however, for some reason or another, I also started to like analogue items much more than before:

I write a more in my physical notebook, I enjoy more reading printed books and (when I get to find a seller) plain old newspapers as well!, I’ve bought an AM/FM radio receiver “just in case”, and I’ve also recently got a mechanical keyboard simply to try it out (never had one in the past), being said it’s also nice for programming, not only for gaming, and I must admit this is absolutely right. (Too bad it’s a USB-“A” one — is that for analogue? 😀 — , and I need to use an adapter to connect it to my MacBook, but these are just details, I guess…)

To close the circle (pun intended or not), however, I need to confess that yesterday I’ve finally also received my first Swiss made* watch ever: a Powermatic Tissot that I’m planning to wear instead of my Series 5 for four-five days (or much more?) per week in the following period!

What do you think about that, whoa!? 🙃

So long, continuous series of days of closing those circles (or was it the red one only?) — 622 days ending on June 20! — , so long notifications on my wrist (those that I haven’t yet manually turned off, I mean), so long fall detection [false alarms].

Without the Watch, I’ll have to rely on the fingerprint based MacBook sign in; but that’s very easy too. And — the most unfortunate — I’ll need to go back to paying with my phone most of the time; but it is still fine.

Yet I truly believe (i.e. hope) the habits that I’ve gained over these 2 years+ are here to stay regardless of anything else.

(Hereby, I promise:)



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