Books app is “broken” in iOS 16

and how I feel about the entire Apple ecosystem — personal 🤔

Sorin Dolha


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I don’t know if you ever used the Books apps on your iPhone, but I certainly did, myself. Why, you would ask, when there’s a Kindle app for the same platform as well, or I could use an e-ink, better for my eyes, device, that I do own too, instead?

I used to answer: it’s simply because of the great experience I would get this way, and only this way!

Nothing compared to the way the Books app worked on an iPhone.

The app did have its other nice features, all right — in fact, I couldn’t wait for the “daily goals” to be added to macOS as well (it finally happened on Monterrey, last year) — but most of the time I was still reading books under iOS, anyway.

Why do I speak at past tense? You’ve guessed it from the title. Apple has recently changed things a bit. And a bit too much, from my perspective.

Look how the app looked like during turning the pages of a book before and after launching iOS 16:

Previously GREAT, and now… just meh.

Sure, this doesn’t seem to be a big deal, but I was so addicted to that nice flipping of the pages while reading, myself! And I just don’t like moving “card” pages instead, at all…

If you’re wondering: no, I haven’t found any option (either in the Books app itself or in phone’s Settings, under Books) to revert the experience to the previous style. If you find such picker yourself, let me know. Please. 🙏

But for now I think I have no hope; I’m doomed. 😀

Well, I think I won’t get out of the Apple ecosystem just because of this, would I?

This small change has opened my eyes once again, regardless.

Although, in fact, I have never closed them completely, this time, after what happened when I moved away from Microsoft’s umbrella five years ago or so:



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