Cold weather turns my AirPods off

…but there is a (not so lovely) workaround! + two weeks later

Sorin Dolha
5 min readOct 16, 2021


Photo by Mike Kotsch on Unsplash

I have a pair of old AirPods 1, bought about three years ago. At first, I used them mostly with my iPhone and MacBook, rarely with a PC, but almost always in-house, at the desk — due to some groundless fear that I might lose them or something. 😀

Since early 2020 I also own an Apple Watch — a Series 5 — the first one I could call “watch”, being the first to have an always-on display.

Against all odds, this small device on my left wrist really helped a lot: I became much more active and after a year or so I’ve finally reached the (unexpected) state of enjoying doing physical exercises more often than now and then; but not very intense, don’t get me wrong either, I’m not a sportsman at all.

As you know, however, last year was the main pandemics one, so I couldn’t use the Watch outside so much, be it with or without my AirPods. Back in February and March 2020 I could enjoy nice walks around a lake not far away from home, but afterwards I had to stay — and do all exercising — no problem either, just at home.

2021 is happier: vaccines arrived, and I could finally restart my long walks — wearing both my Apple Watch and AirPods — now at higher speeds: 3.5 km in 35 minutes! (Ocasionally. 🤪)

This time even closer to where I live, simply following the quiet streets around. But fall has eventually arrived too, and cold weather became, at least for the past weeks, unfortunately, norm.

And even more unfortunate, I’ve found out that AirPods tend to turn off automatically after a short periods of 5–30 minutes of usage when the temperatures are low (around 0º C, and even a bit higher).

At first I though mine are just old, and I could replace them, but then I’ve seen they still work well for hours (!) at home. And I found this in the Apple docs, confirming my experience entirely:

Using AirPods in very cold conditions…



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