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  • Gil Ben-Herut

    Gil Ben-Herut

    A professor of South Asian religions and a pastime programmer

  • Richard White

    Richard White

    Writer, marketer, thinker. Strong opinions loosely held. Here to write about life, work, tech (mainly Apple), fitness, and other things.

  • Eonil


  • FadinGeek


    All about tech, dev, design, editing… Hello there! I’m Akash, a YouTuber, a developer, a designer, and an editor :)

  • Gregory Leman

    Gregory Leman

  • Iosif Moldovan

    Iosif Moldovan

    iOS Engineer, looking for simple solution to complex problems. If you like my publication you can support me at: https://ko-fi.com/iosifmol

  • Marius Mos

    Marius Mos

  • Attila Vágó

    Attila Vágó

    Pragmatic software engineer, editor, writer and occasional music critic. LEGO and Mac fan. Accessibility advocate. Life enthusiast. 10x+ Top Writer, 1M+ views

  • Viktor Daróczi

    Viktor Daróczi

    A software engineer focusing on the fun part of computing.

  • Jack Carlson

    Jack Carlson

    Jack (Jeber) Carlson: blogger, humanist, liberal, dog & cat companion. Life-long tech-head.

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