I can build the Mac app(s) of your dreams!

Photo by Daniel Romero on Unsplash

OK: I started with Basic, Pascal, and C/C++ in the 1990s, received honorable mention at 1994 national programming contest in high school, became engineer in 2002, while since 2001 I’m indeed a full stack .NET dev (WinForms, WPF, ASP .NET, EF, etc.), with an MCSD (2004) degree…

…but I also moved to macOS/iOS development ~4 years ago, and seems I love that even more — all right!

Currently, I work at dlhsoft.com (my own small business) as main dev of Ganttis framework for macOS/iOS, and Projectis app for macOS…

…yet as a contractor I can still dedicate 25+ hours/week of tech-enthusiasm to your project(s): while always targeting maximum quality I’m pretty fast at work, and while vastly experienced I continue to be as passionate as I’ve always been: geek level, I admit. 😜

Swift, SwiftUI, Objective C, storyboards, command line tools, and macOS+iOS or Mac Catalyst based multiplatform are all equally fine; or I can help you choose the best [technology(-ies)] for us to ride.

And yes, LinkedIn’s AI may actually be (partially) right: some .NET code might be useful if custom/cloud backend work would be required, or if a Web app would be (really?) needed too.

Don’t hesitate, regardless, do DM me now, and let’s start building shiny things — no later than today. As single dev, or even as small team, together we’d decide. The first analysis will always come for free!

Originally posted as a Twitter thread. #thankyouforsharing



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