I’ll buy an M1 MacBook soon

and — ooh — this time I’m absolutely going Air! 😯

Sorin Dolha
5 min readMar 19, 2021


Photo by Frank Vessia on Unsplash

I tried. I really tried to wait for the next generation of Apple Silicon Macs. But you know what? I’m tired. I cannot wait much longer.

Especially now, when it appears there won’t be a March event anymore; and even if it were, the most recent rumors indicate that new MacBooks are all postponed at least until the second half of this year. Oh my.

In fact, if they would release new models right now, I’d still want to wait at least until the first “after 3 months” reviews come up on YouTube; sometimes I do accept to become a very early adopter for a thing or another, but I’m kinda reluctant to embrace this hat when we’re speaking about my going-to-be main, daily driver device.

My “current” early 2015 MacBook Pro is still running well and I think I could force it go through another year, with a lot of care. But its small internal SSD has reached its limit. No, I don’t mean its TBW limit: I just can’t afford to spend half of day each time I want to update macOS and Xcode because there’s no way to get >40GB free or so on the system disk unless I temporarily move a lot of things (even from hidden Library folders!) to an external storage. Risking, each time, to run into an issue carrying out these critical operations, so full backups being imperatively needed too, before every attempt.

My plan is therefore to order an M1 MacBook as early as… very soon, and I’ll see afterwards if this was a big mistake or not. If it’d be, it surely won’t be biggest; I’ll survive.

So yes, after long waits, I am excited now, all right; most probably, I’ll get two record entries soon, like over night: my very first M1 device, and my first MacBook Air, as well!

Update: I did place the order and now I’m eagerly waiting for my x86 ISA based life started in 1993 (considering what’s running inside my dearest form factor computer) to change in short time! Stay tuned for follow-ups.

Wait, Air? But isn’t that “for students and, maybe, fancy girls” instead?

Somebody did ask me, for real. But with M1, the answer’s clearly NO, that’s clear! 🙃



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