Life duality

Scientific and also… subjective (?)

Sorin Dolha
4 min readJun 28, 2022


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Hey there, everyone. This is my first post thoroughly written with the new mechanical keyboard that I’ve recently purchased — which I really like to use, by the way. But I really hope I can keep it short, however… 🙃

Here below I’m going to discuss science and religion from a living person perspective: me.

No, I don’t want to change your perspective of life with this post; at most I just want to clarify my own beliefs a bit. Cause yes, everyone has beliefs — being them spiritual or not. And, yes, I was always living in some (self-provided?) confusion about them since I was very young, myself.

Now if I would inspire anyone to think more about life and their own beliefs, I wouldn’t mind either, whatever direction he or she will choose.

But to be completely honest from the start: I must describe myself as a materialist at heart. If gods existed, I’d just included them into the list of types of matter of the universe and recompose the mental cosmos to include the new everything until there’s nothing left outside.

So, personally, I think that the universe exists without the need of a creator, and also that all of our feelings are simply resultants of some (random?) physics laws that seem to govern everywhere in this complete, consistent space-and-time. Laws that [we believe] we understood already, like electricity, gravity, and so on, or that we haven’t yet or maybe we will never grasp!

But it’s all right. In my opinion, science is beautiful exactly because it never states that the ideas accumulated by humanity over the years are absolutely true or complete. It runs on theories that are verified as much as possible, but if at any time a future experiment disproves anything, scientists are glad to either remove or update the affected things, to fit.

If we think deeper about all the above, however, we might conclude that nothing really matters in the universe; nor even the universe itself. And we may be actually right, but hey, I just said it too: science never considers anything certain, so let’s not fool ourselves into nihilism either!

On the other hand, against any odds (?), I really seem to enjoy living here around. I like to feel the happiness of life.

Sure, this can be a 100% illusion generated by the matter that makes up my brain (or by a currently unknown type of god matter that our minds consist of), but still, I cannot ignore the fact that there is this ability of me personally sensing things like love, happiness, or even pain.

In other words, I’m simply glad to be self-aware (at least sometimes, haha), I’m very happy to have a family, a beautiful and wise wife, and two intelligent boys that are filling my time with so much joy, and I absolutely love my software development career, as well: it’s nice to see computers being programmed (i.e. configured, just at a highly complex level) in order to help us solve so many problems that we, humans (so often!) face.

I don’t know, therefore, if it’s only the assumed uncertainty of the otherwise objective science that makes me disregard the possibility of nothing actually meaning anything. I must accept that I might be influenced by these deeper emotions too: there’s more than just rationality in life, I guess.

Regardless, I must also mention that certain people (including someone who inspired me to think further about these topics recently) say that there is even more than just these classic feelings, and that God could really connect with people if they just embrace Him (“or Her”?) by praying or performing other rituals that — in fact — just help disconnecting their minds from any earthy constraints.

While I have never reached such a zen state of mind myself (not even after running minutes of Breathe app on the Apple Watch, and not even if I’d think about a beautiful universal Goddess instead 😀), I do accept this possibility as well, even if just because of the same old cliché: never say never, all right?

In conclusion, although I don’t generally appreciate dualities, like theoretical physicists (and Microsoft, haha) who always want to unify everything, unless/until we get some better knowledge about life, consciousness, and sensing/feelings, I think I can be called rather an agnostic than an atheist, and this “religion”, named like that or not, really allows me to enjoy [the non-miracle of] life in a dual way — scientific and also subjective — without any spiritual or another type of goal to have been specified in advance!

PS: Maybe accepting a bit of spirituality around is related to me going also a bit back to the basics/analogue stuff (or just getting, naturally, older)? I don’t know.



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