[Me, going more & more] analogue

or simply getting older?

Sorin Dolha
4 min readMay 6, 2022


Hmm. I’ve always been — or at least considered myself — a digital person. Even before I’ve seen the first computer when I was a child, back in the ’90s.

I always loved digital exactness: the train schedule was my favorite book, a pocket calculator was the most interesting tool that I could use in my parents’ house, and I’ve used to build [manually changing] digital clock displays and similar counters using my otherwise construction-oriented Lego-like bricks (or, better, rummy tiles!) from the communist era of Romania.

The “truer” digital trend that has started with the first PCs I’ve owned has only increased as the years have passed.

I’ve [probably] started and always liked to program computers — using Basic, and later Pascal and C/C++, then Java, C#, and nowadays Swift, too — simply because I was so into the digital world!

I got a Pentium processor at one point, I’ve become a Windows fan, and since Visual Basic 6 I have adopted event-driven application development as well; responding to mouse movements and keystrokes was oh, so fun; and all digital, of course!

Then the Web has arrived — and ASP .NET was supposed to be my digital friend; but, to be honest here, for some reason it didn’t completely “click” in my case; but it was still very nice and networking itself is cool!

Later: Windows Phone, UWP, and HoloLens promises were — oh, so — nice but were them — oh, no — kept?; they would still be cool, and very digital, only if they would have been better received, of course.

Finally, five years ago I’ve also embraced Apple platforms. Because things weren’t going well with Microsoft from my point of view, and I wanted something stronger. Regardless, all this time I had remained an entirely digital-oriented person (although with my dominant foot in another boat now).

Forward to 2021 and I’d got a perfect M1 MacBook Air to love — my digital holly grail — too.

An important part of my life, made up of digits and computing — this was it, indeed.

Now I’m almost 44, and guess what. I see a downwards trend on everything digital in my life, these days, these weeks, these years. And…



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