No more mice

I’ve put mine in a drawer

Sorin Dolha


Photo by Anthony Choren on Unsplash

About two years ago I was kinda praising about the joy of using a Magic Mouse paired to my MacBook.

Surprisingly (or not), people didn’t question why I went with an Apple device, but rather why I was not using a[n also Apple] Trackpad instead!

Well, it seems, one doesn’t need any pointing device if they use the Terminal and vim most of the time. 😉

But no, I’m not there yet, myself, unfortunately.

Still, I must confess that I rarely take the mouse out of that drawer now. My MacBook’s built-in trackpad is almost always enough, and it works so well that a mouse really becomes obsolete in many ways — you people were absolutely right!

And since — due to classic inertia — I wouldn’t have reached this conclusion myself without folks suggesting me the (otherwise obvious) alternative back then, I wrote this small story as a “special thanks” — I really appreciate the advice:

Not that a mouse would be very weighty itself, my bag is now, however, even lighter with just the laptop inside! (For short trips, I don’t even need a charger with me anymore; it’s an M1 MacBook Air, of course!)

Note: I can’t say that mice are not going to be needed with other people with other laptops, but for me, as I even do Windows development in a virtual machine on the Mac, mice have indeed become items of the past: cat’s job successfully completed. 😼



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