Top apps — from a personal (dev) perspective

macOS, iOS, Windows, Linux, Web; update: Android

Sorin Dolha
11 min readJun 29, 2022


I’ve been taking a lot these weeks about me going analogue, returning to the basics, and even about accepting some level of spirituality in my life (a shock!), so I think I should now cut it and just write a plain old tech article again. Or else I’d simply lose my followers*, wouldn’t I?, haha.

* Although you probably know already if you have read some of my previous posts: I’m writing on Medium out of joy rather than for any other benefits; yet I won’t mind if people subscribe/follow me, either. 😊

So, let me tell you a bit about the apps that I find to be most important and/or necessary on all my beloved devices. As of June 2022, that is.

I’ll start with macOS because it’s the operating system that I use the most (and a preference itself), followed by other sections in a hopefully logical manner.

Note that I won’t repeat multi-platform apps that I primarily use on one platform under the other OS containers unless going with different approaches on the different sides.

The tops are neither going to be 100% certain, and nor perfectly ordered, anyway: some apps with lower places may be more important than others in specific situations, and so on, but I’m sure you’ll get everything on the fly.

A final disclaimer that I need to add, although this should have been clear since the article’s title, is that the listed apps are the ones I personally prefer and use most of the time, not necessarily the ones you will need or prefer yourself. Depending on everyone’s needs, these tops may therefore be completely scrambled or replaced. And I guess this is absolutely fine if you are just aware and take this list with a lot of salt!

But enough talking, I guess, and let’s roll!


  1. Safari
    The browser of choice on the Mac. Very fast and always reliable. I don’t use tab groups and other “advanced” features like that, but it still offers me a great and pleasuring experience on the Web. (Unless when certain old Web sites don’t work well and I need to go back to Windows and/or Chrome for solving certain tasks.)
  2. Mail
    The e-mail…



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